Let's start with the disadvantages which I have observed in the many places I have lived. Carpets attract many unwelcome guests such as dust, dirt, bugs, germs, and so on. They are harder to keep clean and more expensive. Spills are harder to clean up and stains sometimes are impossible to remove.

If you have a child or house hold member with a respiratory disease such as asthma, having a carpet can aggravate the conditions. For someone with such a condition it is advisable to have the carpet removed in their bedroom at the minimum.

For those of you who have pets, carpets can be a nightmare, especially with cats. When a cat urinates on the carpet or defecates on the carpet, it is so hard to get out and remove the ugly stains. The smell is also extremely difficult to remove. Cats also will use the carpet to sharpen their claws tearing the carpet up.

Carpet in your bathroom is definitely not a good idea because of the steam from showers and the molds can grow inside the padding of the carpet. Molds can make a person very sick especially those with asthma.

Now let's look at the advantages of a carpet. Carpets are excellent insulators both during hot and cold spells. They act as a shield to prevent heat or cold from radiating up through the floor. A well carpeted home can definitely help reduce your power bill.

Carpets can be very decorative adding a special touch to your home layout. You can get carpets in may colors and designs. You can bring your home alive in a unique way by using the right carpet.

Finally carpet can help insulate from sound. It cuts down the echo and and absorbs sound so that you will not be annoyed as much by sounds bouncing around a given room. All in all I like a mixture of carpeted and non carpeted homes. This gives you the best of both worlds, so if your thinking of carpeting your home, I think that is a great idea.

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