Great vinyl flooring seems to redefine affordable luxury. We sell several brands - Sheet Vinyl, Vinyl Tiles, and Vinyl Plank.  They are not only fashionable and durable, they’re affordable. Choose from a wide selection of patterns and authentic wood, stone and ceramic looks. Vinyl is easy to clean and easy to maintain. That's the beauty of vinyl.



Vinyl flooring is the most economical flooring available in housing and commercial markets. Ten percent of all flooring installed is vinyl. Many people confuse linoleum flooring with vinyl. The difference is in the materials used to manufacture it. Vinyl is cheaper than linoleum but linoleum lasts two to three times longer, if maintained properly.


1.    Vinyl flooring has been in use for more than 120 years. As far back as the 12th century some form of rubber floors were used, but usage declined during the 18th century because of the increased use of clay tiles.


2.    Vinyl flooring basically comes in sheets or in vinyl tiles.   While vinyl is the most economical choice of floor covering, there are some companies that produce a higher-end vinyl flooring product with a 30-year warranty. Most vinyl flooring has some type of design or print for decoration on it and some have the look of hardwood flooring or ceramic tile.


3.    Vinyl floors are easy to maintain and can be mopped frequently if needed. Manufacturers discourage the use of harsh or abrasive cleaning agents with vinyl flooring. Use of these types of cleaners causes premature wear and even discoloration of the design. Always consult manufacturer's specifications prior to cleaning.


4.    Vinyl flooring is readily available and economical. It is very water resistant, which makes it ideal for bathroom and kitchen uses. The ease of maintenance is also a selling point for vinyl flooring. Vinyl is resistant to spills and moisture and can easily be cleaned. Vinyl flooring is reluctant to show signs of wear where heavy traffic is produced. The design patterns and options are endless; some companies even use vinyl to place their logo on office flooring. Vinyl flooring can be installed over wood subfloors or even concrete.

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